Slide Looking for a fun virtual teambuilding to boost your team’s morale?
Bringing your regional meeting/ teambuilding online due to travel restrictions?
Just want to engage all your colleagues or welcome your new colleagues after a long period of working from home?
Celebrating company achievements during this period of uncertainty?
is not just another online teambuilding but an Adventure Learning Programme. What this means is that everyone who attends the VALP will go through an adventure! We define adventure as anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone - even if it is in front of your laptop! Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes (VALP) Click to chat with us!

Why Choose FOCUS Adventure?

The only teambuilding company with this award for 6 straight years from 2015 to 2020

Highly Customisable

Our programmes are highly customisable, suitable from boosting morale to onboarding for new hires that will work with most video conferencing platforms and internet restrictions.

Experienced in Groups of Different Sizes

We have track records of facilitating more than 1000 participants in a single session as well as small group of less than 10 participants

Our team of FAcilitators are CVF accredited by International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC).  They are among the first few to be certified in Asia.

Adventure-Based Experiential Learning
Paradigm Shift

Our Activities

Our VALP similar to our Adventure Learning programmes engage individuals/teams in challenges and paradigm shifts.

It stimulates them to reflect upon these experiences critically, derive useful insights, and incorporate the learnings to the workplace through a change in understanding and/or behaviour.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Why can’t they understand my struggles?” If you have, you are not the only one! In any organisation, there are bound to have team members who have difficulty in telling their side of the story and why they do what they do.

Fret not. The Shape Shifting Challenge! is here to deal with that! 

This activity is designed to build a more robust communication loop with everyone involved. At the end of the activity, everyone will “log away” saying, “They now can understand my struggles!”


In this 90 minutes activity, participants will go through the fun of teambuilding at their personal space (behind their laptop), followed by a round-up debrief that highlights on the behaviours and actions done. Teams will have specific topics to discuss and pen down their thoughts. There will also be both small and large group discussions.

     Learning Outcome

Be mind blown in this exciting online activity! It will make you get rid of the virtual barrier and feel as if you are working physically side by side with your colleagues!

There will be a final element to the activity that will give you a paradigm shift.


The Pixelated Challenge! is designed to strengthen communication amongst team members, especially during this period! Everyone will learn the concept of the big picture and how they can all fit into that big picture.

Participants will be put through a 90 minutes activity of a fun rollercoaster ride. Teams will apply what they experienced from the activity to their work processes in breakout sessions and pointed discussions on behaviours and actions.

     Learning Outcome

The objective for this activity is to remember a masterpiece and create a replica of it in the shortest time possible.

Sounds simple? Not exactly, the question is how can the team still achieve success even with obstacles they have to face?

The Masterpiece Challenge!
is designed to build trust even when the odds are against the team, create stronger communication with an emphasis on essential pointers to be communicated and understanding the difference between the big picture and the small picture.

During this 90 minutes session, teams will go through the activity and get together to discuss their experiences applying to work processes

     Learning Outcome

One of the classic activities that will get everyone involved!

You are one of your country’s best of the best naval officers! You will assign your naval vessels in accordance to their strength to various locations out in the sea.


Given a scenario like during World War II, where the Japanese understood that the British kept their gunners in Sentosa facing the south, they came from the north on bicycles.

In this 90 minutes activity, teams will go on standoffs with the enemies and will end the war with a debrief on how it was successful for the team. Debrief will consist of breakout sessions where participants are required to pen down their thoughts and after which to share with the entire group.

The Battleship Challenge!
is designed to evoke strategic communication amongst team members and strategic planning.

     Learning Outcome

The objective of the team is to be able to piece the images together to tell a story in sequence!


The Zoom Challenge! is designed to showcase how clear communication with specific deep pointers can bring about looking at things from a big picture perspective. It also shows the opportunity of seeking to understand before being understood.

During this 90 minutes activity, teams will go through the activity and come out with discussions and topics for action planning!

     Learning Outcome

Get your finger socks on as the race to dive deep into the Virtual world begins! You will be split into teams of 4-5 pax and the team will need to strategise on finding the answers to a set of questions asked.


During the 90 minutes activity, teams will run out into the Virtual world and search for answers. Once back, everyone will talk about their strategies and discuss on what makes them a winning team.

     Learning Outcome

Designing a creative short film using all the personal gadgets that you already have on hand such as mobile phone and laptop! With given roles, responsibilities and a topic to work on, each team will strive to come up with the best video.


The Ready Set Action Challenge! is designed to bring out the creativity in individuals and to learn how to create more with less! To go beyond the paradox, attempt to create something by breaking barriers!

During the 90 minutes long activity, teams will come together to design their video and go into a video marathon! After the video marathon, we will then present awards and see who emerges as Best Actor/Actress and Best Screenplay!

     Learning Outcome

Nope, you are not building the Hanoi tower, but moving it! Within a time limit, teams will have to shift the tower from one side to the other with the given parameters in place.

Capture the shocked faces of all the members when they realised that what they saw was not what they discussed!


The Towers of Hanoi Challenge! is designed to discuss communication through a feedback loop system, strategic planning with a step ahead in planning and visioning through imagination.

In the 90 minutes activity, teams will go through the activity and discuss the behaviours and actions through small/large group discussions

     Learning Outcome

A ship got wrecked in a storm and was left with 5 survivors in 2 lifeboats. The lady was in distraught as she was separated from her fiancé.  She will then face a dilemma and her personal values will be put to the test.


Join us on this highly popular activity as we seek the right means to finding the answers together as a team!

     Learning Outcome

You need to pick the right people to go for the battle! Everyone who is participating can be a potential soldier who could battle it out and win the war! Problem? Be sure to deduce lies and uncover the truth. 

This interactive activity allows everyone to be in the same window communicating, discussing and making difficult decisions all at once!

There will be the good soldiers and bad soldiers, thus the Yin and the Yang. Both have their own personal intentions.

You will be given tough choices to make, that will either build bridges or burn bridges.

Would you emerge victorious through all the lies and barriers? The team will have to work together to overcome all difficulties.

     Learning Outcome

With a series of puzzles to solve, The Virtual Escape Room Challenge! is not like any other. This programme is highly customised for your organisation and the background of your industry where the storyline will be created just for your team.


From escaping a room to finding a solution to an industry, the Virtual Escape room also induces creativity and fun to “what-ifs” in the organisation, which helps to build the mind-set in one to be vigilant and thinking ahead.

     Learning Outcome

Bring your teams together and fill up the shopping cart with the items you have purchased. Buy as many products as you can! This highly energised activity will keep the team engaged throughout the programme and they get to go into various online stores looking for the right products.


So what are we waiting for? Find out more and join us in this exciting programme that allows organisations to team build and also take part in a meaningful initiatives!

     Learning Outcome

We recently conducted one of the most exciting programmes in FOCUS Adventure, The Hybrid Race Challenge!

Due to the restrictions, many organisations with offices in multiple offices could not come together for a teambuilding session. Fortunately, in FOCUS Adventure, we always like to challenge the notion that “physical teambuilding is not possible now”.


The Hybrid Race was a different experience even for us, FOCUS Adventure, conducting the programme. The FAcilitator for the programme said, “ This was like a dream come true, being able to conduct a single programme in multiple countries simultaneously, physically!”

     Learning Outcome

Have you ever wondered what running an organisation or even a team is like? Wanted to understand how your decisions might affect the organisation’s overall results?


We might just have the right solution for you.


Introducing our latest product in The Leadership Challenge category! – The Business Simulation Challenge!


Participants can do this activity either physically or virtually.


Participants will be in groups and will depict a company on their own or a function (Depending on the objectives of the session and the type of participants)


Participants then have to solve day to day challenges by making decisions and inputting their choices into the online platform.

     Learning Outcome

How does it work?



We FOCUS on your Objectives, People, Time and Investment required for this programme. We are also open to exploring any Other considerations and New ideas that you may have, as well as your preferred Site (Video Conferencing Platform). O.P.T.I.O.N.S. will enable us to customise a proposal according to your requirements.

Virtual Meeting

A virtual meeting can be arranged with the organisers to understand objectives and requirements as well as to showcase how VALP is conducted.

Virtual Platform Trial

We can arrange a trial session on the virtual platform for participants to log in with their laptops or devices to check the sound and video is working as well as being comfortable on the virtual platform.

Programme Information

Full details of programme including video conferencing platform log in details and what to prepare will be sent to participants prior to programme. A survey form may also be sent to the participants to ensure they are well prepared for the programme.

Programme Day

(Timing can be customised)

10 Minutes: Technical Check

All participants to log in and FAcilitators will assist on participants’ audio and video checks.

20 Minutes: Welcome to the Virtual Adventure Learning Programme! And Energisers

A short opening by our FAcilitator to set expectations. Participants will also take this opportunity to open up and share more about themselves through energisers that will leave them in high energy!

90 Minutes: 1 VALP with Fringe Activities

Our FAcilitators will take the participants on a fun and enriching Adventure Learning Programme that requires collaboration, communication and strategic thinking! This will include Fringe activities which are mini-challenges that can be physical or mental that the team need to attempt together to achieve their objective.

30 Minutes: Debrief and Closing

Teams will take this time to discuss their learnings and how they can bring it back to the workplace or while working from home.

Post Programme

Candid moments captured on video and photos during the programme will be available for all participants to download and these will be priceless shared memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes (VALP) take participants through the physical, mental and emotional aspects. We believe in pushing participants out of their comfort zone – even if it is in front of their laptops!

Yes, the programme duration is flexible and can be changed according to the duration that you have allocated.   However, depending on your chosen activity and objectives in mind, our team may propose for you to stretch activity timing longer for a fuller and better learning experience for all participants.We have even conducted 2 full days of VALP.

We are also able to come in during your meeting/ town hall sessions to engage the participants in short activities to energise them in between!

Up till date, we have run VALP on Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams.

If your organisation is using another video conferencing platform not listed here, fret not! Contact us and we will discuss further on the activities options suitable for the platform.

We highly encourage participants to use laptop/ desktop as it’s easier to navigate and the screen is bigger and more comfortable for viewing. They can also use any other devices like tablets or smartphones.  

Yes, of course! Contact us and let us know the constraints that you are working around with and we will be able to propose suitable activities for your group.

Yes we do! With our belief in customised programmes, we always listen to client objectives first before creating something unique for your group.

We have activities suitable for a little as 3 participants to as many as you can gather! There are activities suitable for any number of participants.

We have Mixed Adventure Learning Programmes (MALP).  Contact us to find out more. 

Our Project Managers will get back to you within the next working day upon receiving your enquiry.

What our participants say of VALP!

O.P.T.I.O.N.S Interfaced Programme Design

FOCUS Adventure strives to bring the best Teambuilding experience to our clients. To allow us to understand your needs better, please complete the following O.P.T.I.O.N.S Interfaced Programme Questionnaire. FOCUS Adventure will develop a programme that caters to your needs and objectives!

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Other Considerations

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