We FOCUS on your Objectives, People, Time and Investment required for this programme. We are also open to exploring any Other considerations and New ideas that you may have, as well as your preferred Site (Video Conferencing Platform). O.P.T.I.O.N.S. will enable us to customise a proposal according to your requirements.

Adventure-Based Experiential Learning

Adults learn best when it is problem-centred and action-oriented. Our activities are designed to ensure full participation and that lessons are drawn from the learning experience.

Paradigm Shift

We aim to bring about radical changes and a shift in personal and organisational belief systems and culture through our programmes.


Learning is transferred by linking the experience to actual work practices. All participants cooperate to ensure that worthwhile ideas and feedback during the programme are recorded, compiled and shared. Participants should be adequately informed of related follow-up actions and their outcomes.


Evaluation up to Level 3 (Level 1: Reaction, Level 2: Learning, Level 3: Behaviour) based on Kirkpatrick’s Model can be conducted to measure the effectiveness of the programme and its impact on participants.

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